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The lampshade crafter may stencil on paper or fabric laminated to a styrene backing material. Muslin on styrene is a good fabric choice. The light bulb will wash out the stenciled design if the fabric is not tightly woven with a fine thread or the stenciling is not done dark enough. Do some tests and hold up to the light before beginning.

It is easier to stencil before the lampshade is assembled.

If the stencil is lined up, using a light table, the inside and outside of the shade can be stenciled to prevent light bulb washout.

Stenciling on paper can also be cut & pierced. A number of different stencil paints can be used. If oil base paints are used, thin with Japan Dryer and use a dry brush technique. The real secret to stenciling on lampshades is to be mindful that it will be used lit and unlit. Rubber stamping is also a good decorative technique for lampshades.

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