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Make a basic lampshade from your arc pattern with no-stick styrene or heavy paper. (Do not use pressure sensitive materials.) Bind the wire with cotton twill or grosgrain.

Cut a strip of mushroom pleated fabric 1/2" shorter than the side of your shade and 2/3rds the bottom circumference. Do not stretch the fabric to measure.

To figure the length of the strip: bottom diameter x 3.1416 ÷ 3 x 2. This allows for quite a full shade.

It may be necessary to shorten the strip to adjust fullness. With right sides together, stitch a narrow seam in fabric strip to form a sleeve. Turn the raw edge to inside. Apply a generous amount of Quik Glue around the outside bottom of the shade and slide the sleeve over the shade, lining up the back seams. Pull back the sleeve. Apply a generous amount of Quik Glue around the top outside of the basic lampshade and ease in fullness of pleated sleeve as you glue into place. Allow to dry.

Cover raw edge top and bottom with matching bias fold or other decorative trim of choice.

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