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Stock Number  Product Name  Product Description  Price 
R8015  Insulator Night Light Kit    $32.68 
R8001  Jug or Bottle Kit  "When ordering, select rubber plug size, check ring size, and cord color. Check ring is usually 1/4"" larger than rubber plug. Order harp and finial separately. Has side outlet socket. All fittings as illustrated are included."  $19.93 
R8007S  Wired Candle Stick Adapter  "This kit is for a candle stick. 15/16 rubber plug, 4" overall,5' silver clear cord set with white in-line switch. White cardboard candle cover. Fully assembled and ready to use."  $21.78 
R2060  Snap-in Lampholder  Snap-in lampholder - 6 foot canelabra snap-in lampholder with white in-line switch and molded polarized plug.  $8.95