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Stock Number  Product Name  Product Description  Price 
VT18  5 Heavy Duty Ring Sets Euro Fitter  5 heavy duty sets of rings and one arc pattern. Euro fitters. Rings measure 21 1/2" bottoms and 19" tops with 13" recess. The arc pattern included is 19 x 21 1/2 x 13 3/4, The shipping box is 24 x 24 x 14 and weighs 17lbs.   $20.00 
102CH3  Special 3" Chimney Top  Special 3" chimney top 1/2" drop 1 1/2 inner ring. Very good condition. Priced by the each. There are 20 in stock.  $1.75 
Lot110  Lot of 4 - 14 inch ring sets  14" ring sets will need to be painted. 4 sets total  $16.00 
lot101  4 - 14 inch washer top ring sets  Four 14" washer top ring sets. will need painting  $16.00 
U13  Pair Square Washer Top 6x12x10  Pair Square Washer Top 6x12x10 excellent condition.   $40.00 
redvic  Vintage Victorian Frame 10x10x17 Washer Top  Old Victorian Frame Points top and bottom 8 ribs. Washer top 5 inch drop. Covered in red velvet. I did not strip the frame so you can see how it is constructed. Very sturdy frame.   $32.00