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Stock Number  Product Name  Product Description  Price 
R601  Panel Kit  Panel Lampshade Construction Fabric on styrene, Bias fold trim, Grosgrain ribbon, Quick glue & applicator bottle, 8" Hex clip top frame, Bulldog clips,and #510 Lampshade book   $45.84 
R602  Wrap Around Kit  Wraparound Lampshade Construction: arc pattern 5*9*7, fabric on styrene, matching bias trim,grossgrain ribbon, rayon twist, quick glue&applicator bottle,bulldog clips, 5" clip top ring, 9" bottom ring and book r502 wraparound lampshade construction.   $43.03 
R604  Cut & Pierced Kit  Cut & Pierced Lampshade Construction: arc pattern 5*9*7, shade paper, lining&tracing paper,saral transfer paper, craft knife & blade,piercer grossgrain ribbon, velvet ribbon, soutache, bull dog clips, quick glue& applicator bottle, 5" clip top ring,9" bottom ring and r502 Wraparound Lampshade Constuction  $50.59 
R605  Luminary Kit  Luminary Learner's Kit: Arc pattern 6*8*10, 8" bottom ring, 6" luminary ring,quick glue & applicator bottle, bulldog clips,grossgrain ribbon, laminated paper to styrene, parts kit r8023 to electrify, instruction sheet, Instrucion book R502 Wraparound Construction. [Actual laminated paper not shown] paper laminated to styrene our selection.  $37.43 
R609  Twirlee Kit - HARDWARE ONLY  Twirlee Lampshade Hardware Only  $8.11 
R610  Twirlee Pattern Sheet  Twirlee Lampshade Pattern Sheet  $1.62 
HH1000  Helen Hiebert Lamp Wiring Kit  The Helen Hiebert kit contains: 1 candle socket / candle base 1 3/4 in. threaded rod 1 8 ft white cord set 1 white in line switch 2 Steel lock washer 2 stamped steel hex nut   $23.99 
HH1001  Helen Hiebert Wraparound Shade Kit  KIT INCLUDES: 5 inch washer top 1/2 inch recess 4 inch washer top 1/2 inch recess 5 inch bottom ring 1 foot pressure sensitive styrene  $18.00 
HH1002  Helen Hiebert Clip and Glue Option  12 Bull dog clips 1 full glue applicator bottle  $11.99